It takes open eyes to see. A poem

Darren Andrew Fielding
1 min readFeb 8, 2022

Find the light, turn it on
Notice how the darkness runs.
Find yourself, finding love
Giving up is being found

Turn around, walk away
Notice now just peace remains
What you’ve lost you’ve now just gained
What you have will never fade.

What you’ve gained is light itself,
What you’ve lost was never wealth
The economy of self deceit
Self-involved in selfish deeds
Give away your selfish needs

It takes open eyes to see,
Open hands to receive,
Open minds to believe and
Open mouths to reprieve

Only forgiving can lead to forgiven,
Being excused comes by excusing
Pardon me whilst I am pardoning,
Undo the hearts that are hardening

Life is for the living, but lived by those who aren’t.
Those who have found themselves have handed over their hearts,
Nothing in this world is ours to give except for ourselves,
I am not my own, I am property of a greater mind
This is not my home, I belong in the palace of His design.

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