The loneliness of time. A poem

Darren Andrew Fielding
1 min readFeb 12, 2022

Time must be so lonely because it’s always running away from us
This moment that I’m trying to catch up with
I’m just trying to catch my breath
The days roll by like a stone down a hill
demolishing all my hopes along the slope
I haven’t had a chance to rest even when I sleep
The slope never seems to ease or become an easier stroll

My breath continues to escape me as so do my dreams
the hopes I had to settle down evaporate
they dissipate
They disappear amidst the breeze that takes my ease with it
The gusting winds of time speeding up as I struggle to find myself
I’m rushing down this hill of life struggling to find a beat
I’m stumbling now as I’ve ran into failing feet

I would look ahead but I’m afraid I might lose my ground
I haven’t found the place I am and now I have to be somewhere else
And now I have to be someone else.



Darren Andrew Fielding

Believer. Husband. Creative. Photographer. Musician. Poet. Hoper. Writer. Encourager. South African. Human. Crypto Enthusiast.