The only time it’s better to give up


Darren Andrew Fielding
2 min readJun 1, 2023


Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

It is not found in our pursuing
neither in our highest highs
nor in the midst of our dreams in proving

We are not calamitous beings
dangled between the rocks
and the places in which we have no meanings

We are placed precisely in our proximities
precisely as we aught to be
Our progress not measured in jubilation’s
or how much we’ve earned in interest

We manhandle it further from our grasp
The more fervently we clutch and grasp for it
The greater measure by which we lust for it
is paralleled in exactly how distant it remains

We are most fortuitous beings
handed the deepest luck
as we need just receive what we have been agreed

We need not wrestle, nor strive
Our lot placed not in hopes nor dreams
We need not raise prayers
nor bury ourselves in sackcloth and ashes

We are calamitous, in our cadence towards reaching
We are fortuitous if we just use our eyes for seeing

Feel — feel the sunlight upon your face
The warmth of its embrace is not summoned by your hopes
Breathe—breathe in some oxygen
The life it gives does not come according to your biding

Word from the Author.

I haven’t written a single word in over 3 weeks. I have had absolutely no gusto or drive to. I’ve been lain down, flattened in heartache and woe, I can’t exactly explain why or point to any specific reasoning.
I wanted to write something and I didn’t know where to start or why, so I challenged myself to choose something I don’t write about often enough, joy.

I came on to Medium, chose ‘Write a Story’ and searched for an image on unsplash using the keyword ‘Joy’. I chose this picture and used it to inspire me for the poem. The



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