Theophany. A poem

Darren Andrew Fielding
2 min readJan 29, 2023

This poem is inspired by and dedicated to my beautiful wife. The person she is, the art she creates and the colourful life she lives.

Artwork done by my wife.

Amidst every moment of heartache
You’ve been an artwork of fresh life
You paint my skies with vivid palettes
of joy, of truth, of vibrant light

I find my eyes, attracted to your presence
like moths to luminescence
You’re the etched smile that lives
in the atoms of who I am

I am the wax to your wick
a willing servant to fuel your light
You are a theophany of encouragement
and love, and hope and life lambent

Wildflowers — Theophany by Tanzinne

My wife's artwork, prints & socials can be found here.

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