An aside, or maybe a rant. I guess…

We progress further from ourselves.

Darren Andrew Fielding
3 min readJul 19, 2023


The story of humanity and how I think we’ve actually gone further than we ought.

Looking Back. Photograph made by author.

We discard our history and destroy our future, all for the present moment of selfish gratification.
We, like rats trained to beeps and mazes, work our way through our business buildings and tech stores fixated on their product release dates.
Our lives are synced via cables and firmware updates.

I’m constantly entranced by how much, we as humans, destroy everything that is around us for the sake of ‘progress’. Maybe our constant moving forward is more like moving away, Moving away from who we are, who we should be, more importantly, who we could be.

We move on almost instantaneously to the next OLED 45 million pixel screen, we fall over ourselves for the latest phone and computer.
The largest ever display is displayed on our living room walls, and if you look closely enough in the reflection on the screen, you’ll see people buried in their phone screens, like islands in an archipelago that are unawares of the short distance between them to another island.

With how constant the upgrade cycle is for devices, I feel we, people, will short circuit soon.

Maybe we should’ve slowed down on the 6th iPhone.

Maybe what’s happening is that our devices are too fast for us to keep up, so we keep running on red bull and caffeine, we cram ourselves with Burger King and a Diet Pepsi and then drink ourselves to sleep because our brains are still whirring from our breakneck office blocks.

We are engorged to overflowing with processors and megabytes and 256Gb ram, but we’ve forgotten our own birthdays. We don’t even know that it’s common courtesy to step aside for someone trying to get to the opposite end of the grocery aisle.

Word from the Author.

I haven’t been able to write in months, not because I’ve been physically deterred by anything. More because I’ve been unable to put myself into words. I’m a mess on the floor in the kitchen that is life. My thoughts come and go like a…



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